Shake up your Fundraising

This is an event that combines aspects of big time productions with hometown community flair. A fundraiser, where everyone says WOW THAT WAS AMAZING?

Groups such as PTO's, PTA's, Booster Clubs, Project Graduation, All Classes, Key Clubs, Rotary and Lion's Clubs as well as numerous other charities and non-profit groups use the Wizards to raise funds and delight their community.

Basketball aficionados are treated to great skills, teamwork, slick dribbling, alley-oops and crazy slams. The non-hoop fans attending will find out that this is much more than just a basketball game. The night is funny, theatrical, exciting and spectacular and the gym will reverberate with oohs & aahs, laughter, enthusiasm, and much much more.

Typically, communities that "discover" the Wizards bring the team back year after year. Discover the awe-inspiring Harlem Wizards basketball show. Contact us now for more details, or read the frequently asked questions below.


After 50 years we have a pretty good idea of what works for schools and non-profits. We can customize our pricing to fit your budget. We offer flat rate pricing, as well as low cost specials -- for as little as $350 upfront you can book the Wizards in September, December, and June. We will need to go over dates, seating capacity and ticket prices before giving you an exact quote.

Simply fill out our BOOKING FORM or give us a call at 1-800-367-7213.


Last year the average amount of monies raised after expenses was over $3,500 per event for schools and non-profits. The maximum amount was about $20,000. We are focused on finding innovative ways to increase this number. We know an amazing show is not enough. We know for many people hosting the Wizards this is one of the major fundraisers of the year.

Earning potential is determined by seating capacity and ticket prices, as well as additional revenue opportunities such as:

  • Harlem Wizards Souvenirs
  • Refreshments
  • Sponsorships and Raffles
  • Players who pay to play on your team!


Most games are held in High School gyms and College athletic centers. Typically from Monday to Thursday and Sunday the seating capacity should be 800+ and on Friday and Saturday capacity should be 1,000+. The biggest venue last year had a seating capacity of 9,000 and the smallest was 450.


Mostly short people so we can slam dunk over them to the delight of the crowd. Hoop humor -- only kidding, we play everybody!

We recommend a team of 20-25 players. Teachers, community leaders, local celebrities, alumni, coaches, older students and more make up a typical team that faces off against the Wizards. It's good to recruit some hoop shooters to give the game a competitive feel.

You can even charge for some of the spots, like a celebrity golf tournament, pay $100, $250 or even $500 to face the Wizards.


Absolutely! You do the coordinating of volunteers and event promotion and the legwork. We are here to be your coach throughout the whole process, supporting you in having a wildly successful event. Our office staff is available to you backed up by years of experience working with schools universities and non-profits.

Specifically, the Wizards provide a full kit of promotional materials to help in your local efforts to get people to your event:

  • 75 12x18" and 18x24" posters
  • 1,000 custom printed tickets
  • Guidelines for Promotion and timeline
  • PA announcements and radio commercials
  • Promo DVD for school's closed-circuit tv and other formats for local television spots — 30 & 60 second and 3 minute lengths and more.


YES, our Live promotion with one or more Wizard players is part of the package! This is fun, exciting and the PROVEN most effective promotional tool in our kit of items and ideas.

  • For road trips, the Wizards will allocate 2 hours on game day for this. We will perform 20 minute assemblies or lunchroom visits in multiple schools. If the event is on a weekend a visit may not be feasible but we'll do everything possible to make a prior visit. Upon request we can end each performance with a talk on such topics as bullying, fitness, healthy eating, teamwork, character and more.
  • For local games in NY or NJ one of the Wizards will come, usually one to three weeks before the game for up to 3 hours, and visit various schools.


The Wizards have $2 million liability coverage. In addition all the Wizards players are employees of the team and protected by workers compensation. We also have secondary accident insurance that in most cases covers your players for up to $25,000.


The Wizards take fun to a new level on the basketball court. We celebrate the Globetrotters history and legacy, but for fan fun we believe and fans have told us that the Wizards are second to none.